Activity of typeonenation

Not much going on here it seems.  Last post is from August 2 and the one before is from mid July.

I am reading a lot of older posts with a lot of activity and wondering where everyone went?

You're right!!! Come on, guys, let's talk type 1!

Hello, Khurt.  Any certain topic you'd like to propose or see discussed?  I know I'm happy it's Friday!  Have any fun things lined up for the weekend?  


Just spend the weekend feeling sorry for myself since getting an insulin pump has meant paying more attention to “D” than when I was just on injections.

@LihuaEmily & @khurt,

The site and it’s activity level has changed since you guys were here last. What do you think?

@gina I’ll poke around. I don’t have high hopes for anything the JDRF does for adults.

I love it!


So happy you enjoy the site! Please let me know if you need anything!

Here is my 2 cents regarding the site in general. I am a new member and I think the site needs to open up the posts to everyone, not just those members that post or subscribe to a particular subject. I just bet that lots of members miss out on discussions because they don’t know they are happening. It is like an easter egg hunt here. You have to search too much to find discussions.

I certainly shall, Gina! Many thanks.

Thank you so much for such valuable feedback.

We invite you to use our more prominent search feature at the top of every page. The search bar is also on your dashboard at login. Your Dashboard gives you the ability to view many of the Popular topics, and under My Groups you can see what is going on in groups you’ve subscribed to, and all the way to the right of the page you can see the entire site activity log.

The Groups tab, under the navigation bar, is where you can find ALL groups and they are sectioned out by category. I hope that this will help you find your way around TypeOneNation a little bit better.

We always encourage our members to send us feedback and report any site issues using the REPORT AN ISSUE button at the bottom right of every page.

~ Gina
TypeOneNation Community Manager