so next saturday i am taking the ACT test for the first time and im nervous and stressed about it!!! mostly stressed!

my question is (if youve taken the ACT), how hard is it? is it long? what will i need to do the mornig of the ACT so i dont drop durring the test?? if you can tell me anything, thank you! i am so nervous and stressed about iti cna hardly think straight!

I only took the SAT's in high school, but I just figured I could always retake it. I'm sure you'll do fine! Good luck.

I enjoyed the ACT much more than the SAT.  It is a standard timed aptitude test but focuses more on science and math rather than reading and comprehension.  Make sure you sleep the night before and eat the morning of the test.  I distract myself before timed tests because if I don't I focus too much on them and then I lose my ability to do well on the test.  Could work for you.

ACT was a good test.  I took it at the age of 26 because when I went back to school, the school I went to didn't look at the SAT's I did in High School.  Multiple Choice tests are just fun in general though.  I always loved the part where I eliminate the answers that are absolutely wrong  so I narrow it down to a choice between 2 or 3 instead of 4 or 5.  Sleep well, and have a good breakfast.  Low BG during test would be a bummer.

I took the ACTs, so much easier than the SATs. Good luck, don't stress yourself out too bad or your going to have high BGs instead!!