"ADA Camper"

It bothers me to an insane extent to be labeled an "ADA Camper." Does this get on anyone elses' nerves?

What's an "ADA Camper"?

i dont mind being called/labeled an ada camper because im proud to have diabetes and enjoy sharing it to the world. Ppl r just jealous if they label me an ada camper. =) GO DIABETICS!!!!!!!!

ADA camper= american diabetes association camper

as in a perrson who attended diabetes camp

Huh. I've never heard this term before, and I've gone to diabetes camp for 4 years.

kinda but without that title i would have never met some of my best friends

I'm aware what it stands for; the reason it bothers me is because I dislike being labled. At this camp, diabetics and non-diabetics were mixed together, so to be seperated from group situations and called an "ADA Camper," not by name but by title, felt in a way degrading, but mostly annoying.

The camp in itself wasn't that impressing.

Hey Alyssa-

Since you're only a few hours from Oregon, if you're willing to give camp another chance, I would check into going to Gales Creek Camp next summer. I went for four years (I wasn't able to go this year because something else conflicted) and it is awesome! I made so many friends there. I still talk to several campers and counselors even after not going this year. All of the campers at GCC have T1, and most of the counselors/nursing staff do, also. Most of the staff are former campers that have come back to work there. There are usually a few counselors that don't have diabetes, but most of them are friends with other staff that do have it. It's such a great camp- I wouldn't even consider going to another! You should check it out. The website is galescreekcamp.org. Most of the pictures on the website are of young kids, but the high school week of camp is great! We have a bunch of activites- a beach trip, dance, campfires, pool time, creek hike, and other stuff. I'm not sure if it's been updated since summer, but you can find all the information there. (=

Thanks, Sarah, I'll make sure to check that out as well as show my parents. They weren't impressed with the camp, either :) so I am fairly sure they just may jump at the chance to find another camp :)

Yeah, Gales Creek rocks but my kid  (kindergardener) can't get in there for nex summer 'cuz it allready full. Does anyone know of another camp near Oregon?

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Yeah, Gales Creek rocks but my kid  (kindergardener) can't get in there for nex summer 'cuz it allready full. Does anyone know of another camp near Oregon?


Are you sure about that? You may have looked on the website before it was updated. The registration for next summer's camps won't begin until January, so I'm sure that you can get your son signed up. I would suggest calling just to make sure. If you go to the website right now, it says on the home page that registration begins in January.

alyssa, which camp did you go to?
i have never heard of an integrated camp like that!