Addicted to carbs & sweets!

Help! I'm a type 1 diabetic on an insulin pump and CGMS. I can't seem to get over my horrible tendency to eat high-carb/starchy foods, whatever's in front of me. I think b/c of rapid-acting insulin (I use Novolog in my pump) I feel like it's no big deal to eat like that. I know that's not true. Anyone have tips or advice???

Thank you in advance!



I am the same way! I personally am addicted to all things potato, cherry-flavored candy, and ice cream. Those are my three weaknesses! Getting on the pump has been wonderful - but eating carb-heavy foods does seem like less of a big deal with the pump because it is so easy to just pump it up!

My great-aunt is 83 years old and has had type 1 since she was 16 years old. I'm not very close to her, but I've been told that throughout my great-aunt's life she has considered food to be poison to her body and eats very little. I guess that was the mentality when she was diagnosed in the 1940's. So compared to us, she is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum!

I'm also interested to hear anyone's advice on how to fight these addictions!


I really want to hear more about your great aunt, wow....she has been diabetic for so long, what's her story?  Does she have any serious complications?  Does she or has she ever used a pump?  Has she always had good control?  Sounds like she watches her diet well, good for her.  I like sweets as well, but try to eat them in moderation,,,it is never easy.



Your post has made my day and put a spring in my step!!! Your great-aunt knows what she's talking about if she's been a diabetic for 67 years!!!!

I just don't know how to manage my cravings for carbs except to not have them in the house. I look forward to hearing people's advice!

Lisa and Val,

Glad to know my great-aunt has inspired you.

I wish I knew more about her story, but she lives 1000 miles away so I don't see her often. She is my mom's godmother, so everything I know about my great-aunt I've learned through my mom.

I do know that she was diagnosed at age 16 in Havana, Cuba. (My entire family is from Cuba - they left soon after Fidel Castro took over). Because things were so archaic then, the most important "treatment" doctors taught her was to treat food like poison. "Only eat when you are hungry. Unfortunately because of your diabetes, food is bad for you. It will kill you." And although I don't think I could ever adopt that mentality (I live to eat!), it has worked for her. She has never been on an insulin pump - just does MDI. Because she is so afraid of eating, she has more issues with lows than highs. She has to wake up in the middle of the night to check herself because she has had such trouble with highs. She is very very thin. I actually don't fully understand her insulin regimen because it is so different from what I have experienced. But whatever it is, it has worked for her - she doesn't have any typical complications - sight, other organs, nerves - all are doing well for her age.

I think because she had the "food=poison" mentality drilled into her head for such a long time, she has an incredible willpower. I wish I had it!

[quote user="Stephanie"]

She has to wake up in the middle of the night to check herself because she has had such trouble with highs.


Correction - this sentence should read "she has had such trouble with lows.


Thank you for all that information Stephanie! It really inspires me to work at managing my diet and cravings.