Adhesive problems

Hey guys I was wondering if you had any helpful tips for tired adhesive. I wear a pump site (3 days max) and a CGM (7 days max) and I’m very active. Running and lefting and all that jazz doesn’t seem to make agree with adhesive. I’m having problems keeping my sites, pump sites especially, in. They fall out as soon as I go for a run. I do sweat a lot, and I would expect that to wear at the adhesive a little. But when I’m going through one pump site a day it seems a bit excessive. I’m already using an extra layer of skin tac on my skin with every site. Any tips?


I have the same exact problem. I do crossfit and nothing works to keep my sites in either. I am curious as to what others use as well. Glad I am not the only one sweating buckets during workouts lol

I have the same issue. What works really well for me is is the Medtronic Enlite Overtape. It is the tape that comes in the box with the CGM sensors. It has a hole in the center of it, and it fits around the infusion contact point perfectly, so it does not get in the way of connecting and disconnecting the line. It actually sticks so well, that it is a little difficult to get off. I have sweated profusely, swam in the ocean, and even played contact sports, and it hasn’t failed me yet. Good Luck.

I have a dexcom sensor so the overtake would probably be difficult for me to get :stuck_out_tongue: but I have tried covering sites with iv 3000 ( clear overtape) but I just end up having a reaction.

Oops *over tape

I have the same problem. I have been a pump user for about 7 years. I just recently switched to the silhouettes from the mio and so far it seems to be working well. I do distance running (20+ miles) and weight training and I sweat a ton, and was finding that I was losing infusion sets. I just recently switched to the 530g with Enlite sensors and found that the tape that comes with the sensors works quite a bit better and sticks longer than the adhesive on the infusion sets, so I have been using that on my infusion sets as well.

I have used 3M Nexcare 1" absolute waterproof tape to reinforce my sites, i use it for my CGM and pump site as well.The tape is latex free, and keeps my skin from breaking down, or getting a rash, as some other tapes do. I do Zumba seeral times a week, and it works great!I buy it at Wal-mart, but have seen it sold at several stores. My husband works in a hospital, and says there is a wider version available there. Hope this helps you too :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I use 3M Cavilon no sting barrier film and the Skin Tac for adhesive. I am a Firefighter and have only had 1 sight come completely loose. (36% humidity and climbing hills all day.) The Barrier helps with irritation and the Skin Tac works great to keep the site in place. I use this for both the infusion set and CGM sensor.


Hope this helps

This is coming in a bit later but I hope this helps! I was in the same boat - I’m a Fitness Instructor and my CGM would come flying off w/in 3-4 days all the time. SUPER FRUSTRATING! I now use SkinTac Prep wipes (they really are super sticky!) and they have been a tremendous help!!! If I find it starts to peel off I will cover the site with a few of those IV3000 tapes and it will usually get me through the full week.


Try Tagaderm tape… I don’t feel comfy without it, for fear that my pump site will be ripped out, I am also an active person. It stays on for the 3/7 days needed for pump or CGM… Im a soccer adn softball player and love to swim, it works great!!

I’ve been diabetic for over 35 years, and my son was diagnosed when he was 14, about 13 years ago. We both run and bike a lot and both have had problems keeping infusion sets in place. I have been using IV3000 3x5" over-tape and found that coating the site with Providone Idodine solution and letting it dry before inserting the infusion set works better than IV Prep wipes because the IV Prep seems to lose it’s tack after about 48 hours.
Last November I upgraded to the 530G system, and found that the Enlite Overtape that come with each sensor, applied over Providone works even better, allowing me to swim freely without loosing sensors. Unfortunately each sensor requires the two tapes that are provided with it (see recent update to the recommendations from Medtronic) so there are generally not extras available to use on my infusion sets. The cutout in the Enlite tapes are not really helpful for use on an infusion set or as the second tape on a sensor. Does anyone know how to get these tapes in larger sizes without device-specific cotouts?

My doctor suggested Benzoin Tincture Swabsticks before applying a new set - definitely stickier but a little messy.

I have been a pump wearer for 12 years. During that time I have been a slow triathlete, and avid long distance swimmer and active sea kayaker. I spend a fair amount of time on and in the water. There are several medical adhesives on the market. By far the best I have found is a product called Mastisol. It is usually available from a “true” pharmacy or online. Usually the large commercial pharmacies do not carry it. One VERY strong warning. Do not even think of using it without also purchasing the release agent Detachol. Also available from the same pharmacies. If you try to remove a three day old infusion patch without the release agent you will lose skin. I swim 4-5 days a week for 1-2 hours a day. Never even had a loose site.

Mastisol with Detachol sounds like what I’m looking for. My son and I have both been active runner/bikers/swimmers and thus far the only thing that we have ever tried that really kept infusion sets in place in all three environments was 3M Duct Tape, which unfortunately takes the top layer of skin off when removed. Something with an agent that will reliably release it when needed sounds like what we are needing. Any hints on the best (reliable and inexpensive) online sources for these products?

I cant help you specifically w. a lawyer, but I'm wondering why someone with "brittle" T1 can't work? Is your claim b/c of his complications? I wouldn't want society to think a T1, even with fluctuating sugars, cant work. Hopefully your son will find better control soon so he is able to work some. Have you looked into a continuous glucose monitor to help him be aware of lows and highs and avoid hospitalizations? 

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My son is a brittle T1D.  We have had numerous hospitalizations and complications over the past 10 years of managing him.   We thought our application for disability benefits would be an easy case.  We just received word that they have denied our claim.  We plan on filing an appeal, but feel we need an advocate to assist us in better articulating our claim.  We need a lawyer who specializes or has experience in this area of law.  Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Michaelr5343,

I don't live in your state but here is what you can do  Look online or in your phone book for a pro bono social security disability lawyer. Set up a meeting with them make sure you bring all your documentation of your son's disease and complications. From there they will have their doctors review your son's case and decide if they can help you. All of this will be done at no cost to you. If the attorney takes your case you will more than likely win your appeal, and then will pay a fee of about 5% of what your settlement will be. Your settlement is is determined by when you first applied for help for your son. So if you first applied in 08 you will get benefits since then.

One other thing I would like to tell you is to not be discouraged. Many people are denied the first time they apply for assistance. I hope that this has helped, and wish you and your family the best. Take care.