Adhesive remover for omnipod?

I have a hard time removing all of the adhesive when changing the omnipod. I use uni-solve but the wipes do not remove all of the adhesive. Does anyone have any good products or suggestions for adhesive remover? Thanks :)

Have you tried using baby oil?   It does a pretty good job of 'breaking up' stuff - plus it doesn't smell like cooking oil, which would be the next thing I'd suggest.

I use baby oil to remove my pods. It works like a charm.  I just apply it with a q-tip. I make sure I get it good and wet looking and it usually peels right off. I have had a few that are a little hard to get off still (usually on my arms) but it does work very well. I hope that helps!

Hey! i have the same problem, and i asked a nurse at the hospital i go to, they said to use nail polish remover, the accertone one, like dip a q-tip and just put it right around it, and then MAKE SURE to clean it off right afterwards!


hope this helps!

Thank you!

Baby oil does the trick!!!

I was wondering the same thing. Thanks! I am going to try baby oil.

I use TacAway on my son and use an alcohol wipe for what is left. Comes off very easy !