Adjestments in diet

my age is 24 and I diagnose T1D in 1999.i have CKD and eye problem too and now I totally frustrated with my diet coz now my blood pressure not allow me a simple diet and in this condition I get anger sometime I don’t know what should I do now. please help me to set my diet plain. wall I m a indian so still I like spice in most thing. when I diagnose with t1d then I change my diet and after CKD diagnose now again I have to change it now I using insulin pump to maintain sugar level this device work good it control my sugar level but now my diet is almost tasteless. mostly I have problem with late night snacks or after lunch snacks or tea time coz I have no idea what should I take to eat and when i can’t figure out what i have to eat in snack then i get anger

Hello Sandeep. I was recently diagnosed with CKD also, and told to follow a low sodium diet. It’s been hard to adjust! But I’m doing OK because I have learned how to modify lots of my favorite foods. Are in India or the states? Keep in mind that spices are fine, in fact you can have as much as you want, other than salt. You need to try to keep your sodium intake to 1500mg or less per day, and that adds up really quickly. You will need to cook at home more, and leave out the salt and any prepared seasoning mixes. You can learn to make your own Indian and other seasoning blends from pure spices that are salt-free. There are low-sodium cookbooks on Amazon by Dick Logue and the American Heart Association, and recipes are very good. also has great ideas for snacks and traveling. Some foods just have way too much salt and you’ll really need to avoid them: soups, salad dressings (some are better), soy sauce, rice mixes (plain rice with your homemade spice blend is fine), and salted meats. Eating more fruits and vegetables is very important, because even if you have a higher-sodium day, the nutrients in green vegetables can help counteract the salt. For snacks, I usually have an apple, some unsalted popcorn or nuts, or ice cream! Luckily ice cream usually has very little salt. Do things in India list nutrition information on them? If so, look for things that have 5% or less of your daily recommended intake of sodium, or 120mg or less.

anyone know about how many carbs in Colocasia vegetable if anyone know about it please tell me coz this vegetable is one of my fav thing

It looks like it is about 31g of carb per cup, or 3g per ounce.

thanks you gave me a important website link thanks again and i think your sugar management is much batter then me actually i wanna to see your reports perhaps your report can help me to manage my sugar level.