Adjusting basal/bolus rates for leg infusion?

Hi there,
I’ve been T1D for a bit over 2 years, have had a pump about 18 months. In rotating infusion sites, I notice I have a lot more after-meal highs when it’s on my leg. Anyone else notice this? How do you adjust? Should I change carb ratio, sensitivity factor, bolus, or all 3? I hate just letting numbers run high; I already have issues with over-correcting and going low. Just hoping to hear some voices of experience. Thanks!

@crmerkley hi Carolyn, for me I have some sites with better absorption than others. I suppose my basal and carb rates are set for my average. The 2 hour after a meal test can help if you need to make an in-line adjustment no I don’t have specific settings for my set sites I’d probably lose my mind. Good luck!

Hi Carolyn @crmerkley, I don’t use different pump patterns for site locations, although I do have patterns set for days of lond day bike-rides and when I’d do weekend “construction” work. However my pump patterns will only change basal and not bolus ratios.

Keep in mind, that activity involving site locations cause faster absorption, I’ve found. For instance, if you are a distance runner, I’d avoid leg infusion sites on running days. I’ve found that the abdomen might be the only place not affected by my activities.