Hello everyone.  I went on the pump about 4 months ago because I was having problems with high blood sugars in the morning.  I chose to use the pump because there wasn't anything I could do to address this issue besides waking up at 4 AM to do a shot, and that clearly isn't an option.  I'm the rare individual who didn't mind doing multiple injections daily.  However, I hated the thought of going on the pump and it was something I put off for years.  After having enough with high blood sugars in the mornings, I finally decided to make the switch and it's been rough, to say the least, (hate how it looks, feels, etc).  I was just curious if there's anyone else out there who didn't think the pump was the greatest thing on earth the second they tried it?  I'm trying my hardest to adjust - after all, my A1Cs are better now than they were before and that's the most important thing...  Any thoughts?