Hello everyone,

I am scheduled to get a pump by the end of the month and was just wondering what everyone else thinks of their pump. I am getting the Accu-Chek combo insulin pump. Does anyone else have this kind? If so, tell me what you think.

I was also wondering how long it took everyone to get adjusted to their pump from MDI, regarding their blood sugar levels?


Not sure which pump an Accu-Check combo is, but most pumps are similar.  Ask your diabetes educator about the different types of infusion sets.  If the site hurts more than 5 minutes after you put it in or it seems like insulin isn't being absorbed well, you might need to try a different set.  

Took about a week to adjust insulin levels.  But I was still able to work and keep up with a busy schedule during the transition.  I still make basal changes pretty often.  Anytime  my blood sugars are off I fast and adjust basal as needed. 

Thought it would be hard to adjust to being attached to something, but that only took about a day to feel normal.  

This sounds crazy, but after 25 years of shooting up I felt sad and almost missed doing shots for the first few weeks.  I kept feeling like I was forgetting something.  Must be the diabetes version of Stockhom Sydrome. =)

And expect to be a little overwhelmed when you do the first infusion site change on your own.  It seems like a lot of steps, but you'll get the hang of it and can always re-do it if there's a problem (there won't be).

Thank you for your encouraging words. I am glad that it didn't take you too long for you to adjust. Yeah I was wondering the same thing with doing shots everyday if it would feel weird not having to do it. It is such a rigid routine it will probably take me a little while to get used to it.

I really appreciate your help, thanks.

I can't add much more to what Jenna has to say. I went through the same thing. I kept getting a panic attack - I FORGOT MY SHOT!!!!!!!!!!! Wait......oh yeah, I took my bolus. It was weird. You get adjusted fairly quickly. I was still on nph and regular when I switched so it took me about a month to get everything adjusted. If you are already on modern insulins, the transition should go much more smoothly. Have fun!