Adoption and D question

Has anyone with T1 adopted from China? My husband and I are looking at the waiting child program.

If so, which agency did you use and were you required to get a medical waiver from CCCWA? Would you recommend your agency overall too? I've heard some agencies require an endo letter, some require nothing, etc, so trying to figure out the ones who are most open to T1.

Thanks in advance!

(P.S, If I'm FB friends with you, this isn't public knowledge yet, lol. Thanks!)


I know nothing about adoption agencies, but wish you well in your adventure to have a new son or daughter.

Just had to say I'm glad to see you posting!  You were so helpful to me a few years ago and I was hoping you were okay.  

Take care.


Aw thanks Jenna. I am sorry I've been a but MIA around here! But, yes, I'm doing well. (: