Adults with Type I

You know, it's funny, I read about this website (juvenation, that is) when I learned that today is World Diabetes Day.  The description I read said that this is "a social networking site for teens and young adults with diabetes, ages 13-19"--or something along those lines. I immediately went to the site and was excited to see that it was open it anyone.

Anyway, as I was making my profile, I felt a little self-conscious putting in my age (29) because I thought, "Well, I guess I'm not a young adult, but I am really, really excited about this." So, I have to ask everyone: how many of you don't really qualify as "young adults," but were very enthusiastic to join this site?

On my end, I have to say that there has never been anything like this for diabetics around, and since the Internet only emerged for popular public consumption over the past twelve years or so, I feel like this is the type of website I would have wanted at nineteen--and now, finally, before I reach my thirties, we have it.

Diatribe. Sorry about that.


LOL, umm - do you mean those of us in their late 30's aren't young adults???  I think I'm going to cry...

Okay - maybe not... anyhow - you've got some older ccompany around you... at least until they start checking ID's at the door... ;)



I'm 27 - I thought I was a young adult! 13-19 y/o's are teenagers! lol

Okay you young "girls"...this old gal is 62!  And as a cyber volunteer for the JDRF I know that there is a great need for all ages of us folks living with diabetes (or in my case, caring for a diabetic grandchild) to have a place to talk, be accepted, learn new stuff and make friends.  I'm hoping that Juvenation wil be a huge success!  For me, it's wonderful to visit with young women like yourselves who are successfully living with and managing their diabetes so well.  Our Jenny is only nine, but she's been a pumper for two years now and the changes I've seen in her ability to manage her care on her own is astounding.  I'm just so proud of her and grateful that the internet will make it possible for her to grow up chatting with friends all over the world who share her special situation.


I'm guessing, with groups about pregnancy, we are safe being on   I am 34, dx at 2 and have a daughter who is age 8, dx at 4.

It's about finding connections and a community of people living with type 1.  We'll let the "kids" have their groups, we can chat in this one.

I was a little hesitant to join as well being 30, but I figured I still counted!  Glad to see there are others in my age bracket and beyond. 

Exactly--because, you know, at one point, we _were_ teenagers with diabetes!

I'm not 13-19 either and I don't even have Type 1 - but I'm Mom to one and I love having someplace to go connect to others. But I hope we don't scare all the teens and young adults away! LOL!

Honestly, this site is for EVERYONE!  I think it's important that the young and "old" exchange ideas and share stories -- that's the best way everyone can help each other.  So don't worry about scaring anyone off!  I'm 36, I'm not scared :)

I never even knew this group is advertised with an age group!  I just found it through a diabetes group from another social network... and I'm glad I did :)

Take care everyone!

I'm really feeling old at 33 if Ana felt self-conscious saying she was 29 (ah- the good ol' days!). 

Rosie- are you w/ODST?  Me too!  I'm going to try to get a picture avatar, I love putting faces w/names!

Happy to be here and have another resource to use and give out.  Can't wait to check out the pregnancy section.  I've been type 1 since 11 and have a 2 year old son... startin to talk #2.  Diabeticmommy was helpful, but nice to have more options!

Happy diabetes day, happy to meet all of you!

I'm glad that they didn't limit the age range

i enjoy having you "young" adults to help people like me, recently diagnosed, by giving us advice.

You guys are the ones with the experience!


so thank you in advance!!

Hi Rachel, yes,  I’m a ODST Cyber Volunteer…you too?  I am so interested in diabetic mommy’s to be.  Our granddaughter is one of those kids who is absolutely a mother in the making.  She hopes to have 12 kids!  I know this might be an issue for her and it hurts to know that pregnancy isn’t necessarily easy when you are a diabetic.  I love hearing about young moms, with diabetes, having babies!!  How did your first pregnancy go for you?  Rosie


We are all young adults when you think about right? I am the moderator of the site and I am ummm cough cough (33) I am glad you all joined and I hope to learn from you and because you are a bit old you can all help the youngin's with your life experiences. If any of you have questions about anything I am a post away just send me a message on my profile or PM me! So glad you all joined the site!!!!

I am so glad I found this site.  I've been looking for something like this for a while. I found it through another Diabetes networking site (tudiabetes) and I think its time has come.  I'm 33 (young adult?) sure, I'll go with that.  I'm married and contemplating all that comes with that.  I can't find the live support group I've been looking for, for people "like me" so this definitely fits the bill! Thanks!

I think the term "juvenile diabetes" is very misleading.   But hey, it's good to see lots of older "young adults" on here like myself (32 here)

So...I just joined about five minutes ago to this site. I'm a type 1, 32 years old and proud. I have some white hairs already setting in...I love them. Maybe I'll feel differently when I'm "older," but I hope not. My mate tells me that white hairs are supposed to be good luck. Well then...sounds good to me! Anyway, I'm just introducing myself. Hello...


I enjoyed reading everyone's response and I am glad that there are at least a few of us grown up juveniles out there.  haha  it really was called juvenile diabetes when I was diagnosed and not-for-nuthin I was 12.    Sometimes I feel a little forgotten when I read "juvenile" either in the description of a new site, the disease, or the JDRF or well you get the idea.  I read on other boards that there are many people who still actually think that you can "grow out of" T1 because of that regrettable name......

I have been accused of acting like a 2 year old and so that's why I joined  =).  and the calendar says I am 43, eesh, and I have had T1 31 years. 

Mwah ha hahaha. We young adults are taking over the world!


Oh, sorry, wait.


Seriously, Jody particulary (who posted earlier), and everyone else--I've not found a group who shared my age or issues, or with whom I felt comfortable asking questions such as those I've asked in other forum posts. This is a wonderful site, and I'm sooooo glad it's here, and that everyone here is here, too.

I am 33! We are young at heart Brad lol