Advice for child travel needed

My 5th grade daughter was diagnosed a little under 2 years ago. Today she is due to leave for A vacation with friends- one mom who has Type 1 and manages herself for over 40 years.
Problem: this past week my daughter has hit critical lows- first time since diagnosis and now that we’ve adjusted insulin for the lows … she’s sustaining highs. She needs more adjustments.
This mom she would be going with his confident she can manage my daughter . I’m not so confident it’s safe to send her. Her management may end up keeping her home which effects everyone. I’m not sure that bigger picture is beimg seen by my friend. I can’t have my daughter at a water park when she’s 400 but I also can’t ask them to leave and I’ll be 2000 miles away.
Am I being a paranoid mom at this point? I’m deciding to keep her home but furious on what other parents would do.
Thanks in advance