Advice Regarding License Loss Due To Low BG Accident

Ugh. Last spring I had a horrid low BG episode while driving and had an accident. No one was injured so that’s always good, but my license has been revoked indefinitely until at least October. Since the accident, I have started using a CGM. I need my license back for work. Has this happened to anyone else? And has anyone been able to limit the time of the revocation? Thanks for the advice in advanced.

I have never had this happen but whenever I renew my license I have to send paperwork from my doctor to the medical advisory board. One time my license was suspended and I didn’t know it because the medical advisory board didn’t process my paperwork fast enough. I’m so sorry this has happened to you. I’ve been using my dexcom cgm for a few years now and it has definitely helped me catch my lows faster. Whenever you do get your license maybe think about keeping a bag of snacks and soda in your car for when you’re driving and your cgm alerts you of a low. I’m not going to lie. I’ve driven a few times with low blood sugar and sometimes it is scary. Most of the time I just try to pull over if I start feeling shaky or light headed. It’s a pain but it’s safer. Good luck to you!

Sorry to hear this happened to you, I can relate, a terrible day:( I had the same thing happen about 12 years ago, but didn’t have to have my license suspended. I chose not to drive for about 6 months though because I felt so terrible that it occurred in the first place, even though no one was hurt, it was scary to think what could have happened. I moved closer to work, and biked/walked everywhere. It was really helpful for me to get a better idea of how exercise impacts my BG, and it was nice to exercise more. It may be an option for an occupational license for certain times of the day…I’m guessing they will need some sort of approval from your MD/CDE. That is how it worked in my state (WI), well many years ago.

Now, I use a CGM (Dexcom & AppleWatch) and have a plethora of juice boxes and glucose tabs in the car right next to me. I know a CGM isn’t an option for everyone, but it has really helped me stop lows before they really even occur while driving. I can almost always treat off the readings/trends about 15-20 minutes before my BG falls below 70.

Good luck with everything!!

I check my BG every time before I drive. Even if I go into a store for more than 1/2 an hour, I do a blood check when I get back into my car. I also keep juice boxes and candy in my car. I know it’s a hassle getting the medical paperwork done (in my case every year) and sent to the to the Dept. of Transportation, but it really helps me to be vigilant before driving. I’m sorry for what you’re going through. I wish you the best! Debra