I have been diabetic for 9 years, and I have always willingly tested my blood sugar, counted carbs, and given insulin. I was recently diagnosed with depression, and lately I have struggled to do some of these things that are necessary to maintain control of diabetes. Any advice on how to keep my A1C down through this?

Thank you!



Take one day at a time. Try to test and give yourself insulin as much as you can and remember every time you do is a HUGE achievement. We all go through times like this, trust me I know from personal experience! and it’s completely normal to feel depressed sometimes about having diabetes. It is 24/7 365 and we get no breaks.

The best advice I can give you is to make sure you bolus and test, it’s really the only way to get your a1c back down.

Have you thought about going to therapy at all to talk it out with someone?

Hey Megan-
We all go through ebbs and flows with our diabetes. Some days it seems like no big deal and other days it can feel impossible.

Instead of focusing on a big goal like A1c, just look at your next test. Test before your next meal to see if you need you need a little insulin or some food.

Your diabetes doesn’t rule you. The best reason to aim for average blood sugars as much as possible is so you have the energy to feel good and live your life. You’ll never have perfection. Testing just helps you catch and treat the highs and lows quicker.

What do you think about test like this - ? I hope that people know it’s worth nothing…

Hi Megan, I have had type 1 for 42 yrs and my last A1C was 5.5. I have found that when I experience a long term of high blood sugar, my depression will likely occur. Doctors tell me that diabetics are many more times likely to have depression. I have found the answer through the help of a diet expert. Cut out the following: white flower foods, all types of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Take 500 mg of Magnesium per day & fish oil Daily exercise and test, test, test … and test again. Group therapy is a great way to discuss ways to improve.