Advocating in schools?

Hey! Does anyone have ideas for successfully advocating in your schools? In my school, there are only about 6 diabetics, including me and I wanted to start something so I can get hours done and have it go on my college transcript. I have no idea on how to start, and no ideas that will motivate kids to send money!! Have any of you successfully done something that raised a significant amount of money?

Yes! The ADA has a TON of stuff for educating within schools and you can find training modules on their online store. The modules cover:

•   Diabetes Basics
•   Diabetes Medical Management Plan
•   Hypoglycemia
•   Hyperglycemia
•   Blood Glucose Monitoring
•   Glucagon Administration
•   Insulin Basics
•   Insulin by Syringe and Vial
•   Insulin by Pen
•   Insulin by Pump
•   Ketones
•   Nutrition and Physical Activity
•   Legal Considerations

You can order a free training curriculum on the ADA's online store:

You can go to this link for the National Diabetes Education Program's "How to help the student with diabetes succeed: a guide for school personnel" here: