Affording Diabetes as a College Student

Hey guys, it’s no secret to us that type 1 can be extremely expensive, and now we see that’s becoming more known in different communities. I’m currently a college student in my third year and as I approach grad school and leave my parent’s financial nest, I fear I won’t be able to afford all of my medical supplies. Are there any other college students or college-aged diabetics here that have similarly struggled? I want to research this a lot more. I can’t find a lot of information on this specific demographic. Is anyone willing to share their story with me? Thanks!

I have not been in this situation, I was still on my parents insurance by the time I graduated. But I do have a backup plan in case of unemployment/lack of insurance. Here is what I have:

Insulin Supply: Marine Marks Pharmacy:
Test Strips/meter:
Pen Needs: Just check amazon. About 13$ per box of 100

Here is a copy/paste from my info spreadsheet (looks rough on this). First column is Item Description, then cost, and then the Source to buy.

|Toujeo Box of 2.5 Pens|$100.00|Marine Marks|
|Pen Needles|$12.00|amazon|
|Test Strips|box of 100|$25.00|One Drop|
|Humalog pens|box of 5 cartriges|$89.99|Marine Marks|

Total Cost per month: 226.99

Its not a great cost per month, but it is doable. With insurance I pay about half that.