Afrezza or exubera?

Hi all!!!

I saw somewhere on Google about breathable insulins exubera (which is no longer available) and afrezza … I saw tht afrezza is going to be available in the market … So,can it replace the insulin injections,pens,pumps,etc??

in my opinion, yes and no.

Pfizer’s Exubera is gone. No need to talk about it. The current formulation of Afrezza-Technosphere is “short acting”, meaning for us with t1d, you will still need long acting insulin shots. further the bad news, Afrezza comes on very fast which could mean issues depending on the kinds of carbs you eat, timing of when these carbs actually digest and absorb, and dose accuracy. Put another way, Afrezza would be terrible for eating something like pizza.

pumps have a programmed drip which takes the place of long acting insulin, a shot of long acting absorbs slowly over a long time. Afrezza can’t do either so it is not a complete alternate but it can replace meal-time shots for MDI.

Thank u @joe for advising me about tht :slight_smile: