Afrezza Users

My NP has told me that I am a good candidate for Afrezza. Is anyone here currently taking this? Do you like it?

Hi @homeschoolingmomof5 have you considered getting a sample and try it? I have heard it is as fast or faster than any injected fast insulin and I have also heard it clears out a little faster as well. Good luck I hope it works for you.

Hi Courtney @homeschoolingmomof5, I have been tempted to use Afrezza, but have not yet taken the step. I’ve held the devices, examined them, and asked questions.

For very active living with unpredictable exercise, not always predictable meal-times or food, Afrezza is great. I base this on the experience of a friend who last year hiked the Appalachian Mountain Trail [3,000 + miles] from Maine to Georgia and the only insulin he used was Afrezza. Easy to carry [he used the different strengths], and very quick-acting when eating, no lingering insulin in system to cause his glucose to drop when the going got rough and required extra exertion. He speaks very highly of Afrezza.

Thanks Dennis @Dennis! From what you said I think my NP may be right. My mealtimes and daily exercise are irregular. Between homeschooling and my 15 mo. old’s nap times, I can’t keep a solid schedule. Thank you so much!

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Hi Joe! @joe I called the company to get more information but didn’t think about a sample! Thank you for the idea!