After a long time I am back and the story of where I've been!

OK , Let's see it was about 1/2012 when I was last here.Soooo let's think of those fade outs in the movie's....fading!!!........

OK It's now Oct. 2011 and at the Endo. because my diabetes has done a very strange thing!!! After 3+ years I am no longer using any insulin except once in a while for correction. I ask my Dr. (I am a US Veteran and that medical system) for a C-pep. Well those results are the reason for the Endo. appt.. The test came back normal!!! How can I be type 1 with a normal C-pep???

Well at this appt. The Dr.(Endo) told I wasn't diabetic anymore!!!! That a this time I am more pre-diabetic. I asked what do you mean? He told me to be dx'ed diabetic you have to treat everyday and since I was treating maybe 2-4x a week I wasn't diabetic.

You could have knocked me over with a feather, I really! After 3+ years of every morning giving myself insulin and doing insulin before I eat and now I am not a diabetic!!! I walked out in a daze! I mean I just lost my membership in Club 1!? I was told at that time I was type unknown!!

In life you have noticed that good and bad seem to balance!? When really good happens a really bad follows and reverse!? That's what happened to me!

Feeling good no longer being diabetic! Then just a whole 2 months later!!! My stomach started to hurt so bad I went to ER. I get admitted because of a blockage. A few days later I am feeling better so they let me go and tell me if I have any pain or vomiting to come back in. Well I lasted a little over 12 hrs. and I started to vomit a lot! Back to ER I go, what fun this is as it's New Years Eve. Well after throwing up all over ER! LOL I got admitted again. This time they tell me they need to look inside. Oh, just great New Years Eve and I get to start 2012 having surgery.

 They take me in, out I go. I wake up and get told they found some strange flap thing in with my small bowel and removed appox. 12 inches. So now I have a line starting at the top of my bellybutton ending at the at the v in my rib cage and looking like railroad tracks. Whoa what a scar this is going to be!  

 Well it's been 2 weeks and I haven't eaten any food solid or liquid. Now I have finally passed gas, this more important than you know. After this fun time I have a new understanding of just how important passing gas is!!! I have just finished eating my 1st solid food in 2 weeks, take some oral pain meds. and then......Bang I get with the most pain I have ever felt. I am doubled over and call the nurse. This nurse said Sir you have hardly used any pain meds. are you sure!! Yes Please help me! Well this little angel(to me!!) said I'll be right back. She comes back with morphine and tells me she called the Dr. and she is on her way in. and can I walk to x-ray, no I said. After x-ray another shot of morphine. That dang stuff works but this guy throws up every time they give me some! Not fun. LOL The pain is gone and I close my eyes.

 Then I hear my name, opening my eyes there is the Dr.. She tells they found fluid in the x-ray and have to back inside!! I look at her Oh, great I bet this is really going to hurt! Off I go back into the OR. Out I go,waking up. They ask me a bunch of questions and tell what's happened and tell me I am going to ICU. My only thought was Perfect, the only 2x I've been in a hospital and both times I end up in ICU(The other was when I was dx'ed type 1) To make it short I was told they had to remove a 1 liter blood clot and give me 2 liters of blood.

 It was 3 weeks before I finally got solid food. I went from 175 to under 150!! I am 6 feet tall so you can see I was just skin and bones. This also didn't help my diabetes! Now I am back on insulin, mind you I use so little. I take a whole 12 units of Lantus in the evening and  about 1 unit of Novolg for 10 -15 grams carbs. and have now been dx'ed type 1.5

 Now so other bad and good. Since around the middle of 2009 I started to have real problems with neuropathy in my feet and lower legs. This was not good as I was homeless and unemployed. It is so bad I applied for disability and was denied 2 times. On my 3rd appeal and a trip court I was declared 100% disable and have been disabled since 2009.. Well I am no longer homeless and have an income I can live on if I am careful. The bad I am disabled!!! Heck I am only 57 also the Dr.'s have told me I am worn out. So far this is the updated  list. Type 1.5 diabetes, diabetic neuropathy severe arthritis in both feet, left hand, left base of thumb, left wrist and lower back, right shoulder needs to be replaced and the newest and a favorite of mine fibromyalia.

 Well there you have it why I haven't been here in a while. But I am back!!!

That's downright crazy.  Glad you're doing better and hope the diabetes continues to be dormant.

Thank You. I hope so too. Funny thing now after almost 5 years since my original dx. they are thinking about getting me on the pump! Yea that will help me feel less like a pin cushion/dart board! LOL