After delivery?

Where can I connect with other women who have already had their babies? I had my daughter back in October and I kind of had some questions for other diabetic mommies of infants. Thanks in advance!

I had my baby in November.

I had a babygirl October 18th! If you wanna talk I'm on Facebook, Rachel Rigsby Holloway or you can email me at

Hi Jessie, I had my baby in December!

Hi ladies! I had a baby August 2011 and am pregnant again now. I'd love to help with any questions you may have. I'm definitely not perfect but I do have 1.5 years of nursing under my belt, some mommy time and 5 trimesters. :) or

Hi! I had my son July 2010 and will be trying again for baby #2  this summer. I would love to try to help with any questions or maybe we can just share stories together :) either on here or my personal is email :)