After-lunch highs?

Do any of you have problems with after-lunch highs, no matter what you eat?  I have a lot of trouble with them, whether I eat celery or steak and noodles. 

(I bolus and have a higher basal surrounding lunch time.) 






You stay stable if you don't eat, though?  I'm wondering if you need a different IC ratio mid-day along with the increased basal...

You know me well enough to know that any insight I have is suspect by nature of its origin...

Keep us posted, I'll be interested to see what everone thinks and to know how you fix it!



You probably need a higher carb ratio for lunch. If it is fine for other meals, just have it changed for lunch. . I had to change mine becuz I was having highs after lunch.

It happens with my son after lunch--round 3 PM. Of course, he is now a teen with hormones raging, sick with another chronic illness etc. I just bumped up his basal for the afternoon and changed his IC ratio last night.

Plugging Dexi in today to see if my changes work!

I agree, increasing your IC ration is one step. However, the other may be what food you are consuming.  Some peole get spikes 2-3 hours after a high-fat meal.  Also, if you taking any meds, check the time you take them & their onset of action.

I've had this same problem for a couple years
but my doctor recently put me on a drug called Symlin

it is liquid and looks just like insulin, injected before every meal and it slows the absorbtion of food in you stomach so your insulin has a headstart

for me it has been working great! my blood sugars after meals are very steady and don't fluctuate as much as they used to
the downer about Symlin is that its like giving 3 more shots every day, which stinks, a side effect is that it decreases appitite, which i have definately noticed- but that also led to weight loss for me.

I think its great, but it requires a little sacrafice, you should definately talk to your endocrineologist about it.

My doctor gave me symlin too,  after using it I think i'll just stick to eating lots of protein and veggies. 

if you're getting high then maybe it's from the carbs in the noodles.   Just take more insulin until you hit your mark. 

I don't think that many people read the fact that you are having highs no matter what you are eating, which means that you should be able to eat whatever you want, don't change what you're eating just because of high blood sugars. All you need is a different I:C ratio during that time of the day. I have different basal and I:C ratios throughout my entire day because of fluctuations of highs and lows no matter what I do. 

Do you have time to walk around the block or something after you eat? That could help too.

I have struggled with the same thing, and heres what has been working for me 

-bolus 20 mins before eating

-eat no more than 40 grams of carbs  

-if I'm eating something high GI, I limit that portion of my meal to about 18 grams of carbs  

I have also had success with symlin . . . there is almost no bs spike after eating . . . the problem is now lows after eating and it does take a while to figure out how to use it properly to avoid the lows, but well worth it. My a1c dropped 1.2 in the past 6 months thanks to symlin.

i am lways high after lunch. its just the way i am my endo keeps messing with my basals and IC ratios it dosen't work. you might be like me. its just your "thing"

Maybe you are experiencing some sort of delayed dawn phenomenon, I'd run a basal test - also, try increasing your basal about 4-8 hours before lunch for it to take effect by lunch time