After the pancreas goes

hey all! i have a few quick questions:

did anyone ever go through a honeymoon phase and have it end? how were your bg numbers before and after? if you had good control during it, did you still have good control after?

i'm asking because i'm going through my honeymoon phase and my numbers are beautiful. i hardly even take insulin anymore for what i eat and i'm still good. i'm just worried that it's going to change when my pancreas finally goes.

i just want to point out it's not your ENTIRE pancreas that isn't working. it's just the insulin producing part. your pancreas actually does quite a lot and insulin is just one bit of it. :o)

Sarah's hasn't ended yet, but to answer your question, you'll definitely need insulin when it does end - so things will undoubtedly change. My daughter has been in the honeymoon phase since diagnosis about 8 months ago. Her Endo tells us she's taking less than 1/2 the insulin she'd be taking if she wasn't honeymooning. Right now she takes a total of around 10-13 units of novalog. She's on a pump, so that includes her basal which is at 5.8 units, the rest is for meals. So I guess we're around the halfway point. Her control is pretty good. She has more lows than highs, and probably ends up in the 70's at least once a day, in the 60's 2-3 times a week, and in the 40-50 range about once every two weeks or so. Her needs change a bit here and there, so I look at all her numbers pretty frequently and usually make at least one minor adjustment each week.

I'm not sure if that helps at all. I get the feeling that control is somewhat more difficult to obtain once the honeymoon has ended completely, but we haven't experienced that yet.

I miss the honeymoon phase. My BG was amazing! I was actually in honeymoon for a long time (like a year or so), or so my doctor said.

My BG definitely changed (sky rocketed) after the honeymoon phase. It took a few appointments to figure out the right amounts of insulin to use, but since that has been figured out, everything is good.

Enjoy honeymoon phase while it lasts!

Im still in my honeymoon phase and my numbers are great, i hardly take any insulin also. i saw this post and was like wow, i was just thinking the same thing!

I think things will change when its over. But dont worry all you can do is the best that you can with your numbers when the change comes! :)

I was 3 1/2 when I was dx'ed so I dont kown if I want thought the honeymoon phase. I asked my mom if i ever did and I think I didnt.

My soon to be 10 year old girl is coming out of her honeymoon. It lasted about 3 months. Her insulin requirements have been climbing.

Most of the summer she required 2 or 3 units of Lantus. Now she is up to 8. It has been climbing a unit or two every week or so.

Her short acting has been climbing too. She went to as low as not needing any insulin for some meals to now needing a unit for each 15 to 20

carbs depending on which meal.

I Didn't have a honeymoon so i don't know what it's like but don't fell bad about how much insulin you have to take my ratios are pretty high!

B-fast: 1;8

Lunch: 1:9

dinner: 1:6

Lantus: 37 units (I know that's quite a lot!!)

During my honeymoon phase, I had never had a blood sugar over 250. I got the insulin pump 9 months after my diagnosis  and I'm having to relocate my sites to different areas other than my stomach...I'm still trying to decide if site plays a key in how my blood sugars are. I notice they seem to be a lot higher than normal when I have the site in my thigh, for example. I know my honeymoon phase is over now either way cuz I can't snack lightly anymore and get away with it! I always bolus then feel bad for snacking. I wouldn't say it's a lot harder to control. I would just say you don't get away with snacking as much so snack lightly and only if you really need to! I will update you more on what my doc says when I go to my next A1C this month....hope I helped a little at least!



I went to go see my main doctor about two and half weeks ago. They finally told me I was going through my honeymoon period after suspecting it after my other visits. My sugars are not very good at all. They are usually low and only high once or twice in the day and it's usually around dinnertime and bedtime. I plan to call my main doctor soon to get my insulin adjusted. Right now, I take 1 unit per 10 carbs of Novelog because I do the carb-counting system. And, I take 13 units of Lantus, my long acting insulin. I've only been in my honeymoon period for a few weeks now and it's very hard. I want to enjoy it so I'm going to try and change things with the help of my doctor, of course but it's been very hard for me right now.

my honeymoon phase ended almost 2 and a half years ago.  i loved it while i was in it though.  my blood sugar numbers seemed to stay in range more than they do now.  now it seems like they tend to be all over the place whereas before they were almost always on target.  i definetly miss those days.