After you get on it

im trying out for track and field this year. there are 3 big events i could participate in: 2 minimeets and the track meet. the minimeets are all within a couple of weeks after i learn to use my pump. the events im trying out for are running ones. im only good at running when my blood sugar is good.

how crazy do blood sugars go after just getting on the pump if you had good control before?

They should be fine. I had little to no problem after the first few days. The trainers know their stuff and will do all they can to make sure all is looked at and that you are setup right. Sometimes the basal takes a little time to sort out, but that is why they have you testing so much early on. You should be fine, but you will need to talk to your trainer about what you should be doing with the track events and the pump.

Once you get your basal insulin figured out, it's really no problem at all and your blood sugars should be fine. If you take it step by step and be patient with it, it will go a lot smoother. If you get frustrated and worry about it, that could take a toll too and you might not see results as quickly.

Definitely work with your doctor and trainer and ask questions like this one. Be sure to let them know you'll be running track and they can help you with how to set temporary basal so you won't need to worry about going low.

Good Luck!

I've always had good control and transitioned onto the pump with no troubles at all. My levels have always been pretty consistent though, I hadn't changed my insulin intake for almost 3 years, and haven't had to change the pump settings either. The doctors have all had a lot of practise with pumps, so you should be fine. What pump are you going on?

i have a minimed pump. im going to go on it on sunday at around 2:30. there is going to be another girl there learning with me and a nurse who is learning to do pump training who has type 1 diabetes and uses a pump. im soo excited!!!

Congratulations Courtenay!  All the best!  If you'd like, I'll even let you borrow my nickname (given to me by a mother of a T1D):  NPG... "New Pump Girl"!

im on it!


How's it going? 

Im going on the ppump soon, in 4 days im starting my training

would you like to be a friends, im about to start pumping.. we can share new experiances :D..

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im on it!


Congratulations, Courtenay!  I started on my pump on Monday so we're on a similar timeline.  I hope it's going well for you!


Wow... Look at all of you new pumpers!!! I hope it is going great for all of you. It really is a liberating experience when you get over the initial training and wake ups and random trend testing!!