Age of Diagnoses

I was just wondering why are people diagnosed with diabetes at different ages. I know some people that had it since they were 5 and some people who were diagnosed in their 20s. How could doctors not catch on during a check up visit?

Good question.....I am curious as to why I was not diagnosed earlier in life cuase I have had symptoms for several years how my doctor never caught on is beyond me!

Sometimes it take something to get it started. I was dx'ed much LOL later in life. Today it's my 3 year "I am Type 1 date". Oh, by the way I was 52 in ICU, DKA, bs of 672 and a1c 0f 13.2, When I found out!

i found out the first month of my senior year of highschool a month before i turned 17 ... i was symptomatic for like a month and it took only that long to figure out what was up...  cuz i didn't want to go to the doctors (bad plan) i finally was tired of peeing every 15 min. my doctors where on top of it which was amazing i don't know why it happens at different ages my first endo was 27 had had 3 kids and then she became T1 and then i know a little girl who was 4 ... its a weird disease that way

It's not that the doctors don't catch on, it's that it develops at different ages. Type 1 is autoimmune, so what they think happens is that something will set off your immune system (for example I had a cold right before I was diagnosed) and while it's fighting off the infection it decided to attack the beta cells in the pancreas. there is also research on environmental triggers and other factors that can up the risk factor, along with genetics. Many people have a honeymoon stage, so they still make some insulin, some people make enough to live, some just make a little, and normally this ends. Very few people are "born" with diabetes, even though it does happen, but rather are born prone to diabetes, just like you would be prone to cancer, or something like that. This isn't to say that a Type one could have stop it from happening, and there isn't a study that has come back conclusive to say that doing/eating something will lower a risk, it's just that some people's bodies "fall victim" earlier and some later. I was 1 when I was diagnosed, while my grandpa was in his late 20's, had served in the air force and had his first son before being diagnosed.

I went into DKA myself...I had gotten really sick and lost alot weight and could not keep any food down from the bs ended up being 527 and it took a good four days in the hospital to get it down to around the 3s...I slept pretty much two days straight too....I dont miss being pricked every hour or woken up at 5 a.m. to get my bs checked...My finger tips have never been so sore

I was diagnosed at age 3 while most of the people I know with it were diagnosed in their late teens/early  twenties... The only answer I can think of is it just has to do with a person's genes/ immune system.

I was diagnosed at 17, during my senior year of high school. I had all the symptoms, they drew some blood and the test came back normal. A month later I was sent to the hospital and finally diagnosed. Maybe we caught it early? Because my BS was only 297 (compared to me hearing of people much higher when diagnosed) and I didn't even have to stay the night in the hospital.