Aging off parents insurance - help!

Hello lovely people!
I am about to turn 26, and I am freaking out about health insurance. I have questions I am hoping you can answer.

Does anyone have the Cigna Plus plan?
Does anyone have supplemental health insurance? Do you think it is worth it? What companies are best?
Do I qualify for Medicad? Honestly, I don’t know how any of this works. I am trying to get as much help as humanly possible.

Thank you!

Hi Carlye,
Our health insurance guide can help you figure out some of your questions.
In general, if you are employed full time, you should talk to your HR team to figure out how to sign up for insurance through work. If you are not working full time or your employer doesn’t offer insurance, then go to and it will help you determine what kinds of plans you are eligible for and what they will cost. Health insurance is different in every state, so make sure any information you get is relevant to your state of residence. Hope this helps!

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