Air fryer nutrition

I’ve started using an air fryer, and have found a number of tasty recipes online. Unfortunately they don’t have nutrition information.
I use the MyNetDiary app to track my BGs, meals, insulin, etc., and it has very large database of packaged foods, national restaurant menu items, etc., as well as info on items prepared in a certain way based on serving size/weight. But when it comes to fried foods the recipes are based on traditional frying methods. The app does allow you to key in foods manually if you find the info elsewhere; but since air fryers use little to no oil I’m wondering how to determine the “savings” on fat and calories, etc… Is there a certain percentage decrease that’s common to air fry vs. traditional fried foods? I could discuss this with my nutritionist but it wouldn’t be practical to give her every tasty recipe I find…
If anyone knows of any links to air fry recipes that do have nutrition info, please share - I’d love to check them out. Thanks!

@wadawabbit. In my opinion, If a food cooking process doesn’t add fat or sugar. Then try figuring the carbs based on the pre cooked content. In other words if you made air fried French toast, figure the carbs on 2 slices of bread. Yes the total calories will be less because you didn’t pan fry the toast in butter but for insulin… imo who cares? If you are tracking calories the it’ll be the egg plus the bread with no butter.

At least I would think so anyway. Good luck!