Air In Cannula Left Connected

The advice last time was super helpful. Well I’m at it again. Being distracted, I did not take the cannula out while loading insulin. So basically, air went in my leg until 10.5 or so before insulin came out. That’s when it usually comes out or 11. I have a big knot on my leg. It’s by the bottom of my pants pocket. It’s swelling up like it would do sometimes in my stomach area. I hope it goes down. Any advice on how to make it better?

You mean your Leg? If it doesn’t resolve itself in a day or so, then you have a doctor look at it. If you mean changing a reservoir, i am sure there are YouTubes or instructions in the Tandem manual. When I have to re-prime, I twist off the infusion set at the connection farthest from the pump. Then change the reservoir and then prime the new tube all the way up to the connector. You should be good to go.

It’s my front thigh.