Air pockets in tubing

Anyone else having troubles with air pockets in their tubing?   Not just champagne bubbles either.  Actual gaps of air.  She does not have the cartridges that are part of the recent recall either.

We are keeping the insulin at room temp before filling the cartridge and we are always sure to remove any air when filling.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks!

We don't usually have problems with pockets of air.

Try this pump technique

I have started doing this and sure enough, you can see the bubble that can be 'stuck' in the tube to cartridge connection. Waiting to unstick itself at any random moment and travel down the pump tube. :)

When i connect the tubing to the cartridge, i screw it down super-tight.  In the past, when i didn't tighten it almost as much as i possibly could, i noticed the bubbles.

Hope this helps!