Air travel with insulin pumps tips!

I was diagnosed with T1D on July 27th, 2015. Even before diagnosis, I traveled… ALOT!! I love traveling and when I was diagnosed I knew that I wouldn’t let T1D get in the way of it!

One thing that I noticed on one of my first flights with my pump was that during take off and landing, bubbles would be in my tubing that were not there before. They were pushing insulin into me that I didn’t want! After this discovery, during every take off and landing, I disconnect my pump until the plane reaches altitude and then when we land.

Also, If you are at the airport security, expect them to swab your hands to check for gun powder and sometimes you will get the pat down! Make sure that you have a travel letter from your endo. In my letter, it says I can bring juice in my carry on, which iis crucial especially for long flights (I did a 10 hour one to Italy!!!)

Happy Traveling!!