Airbubbles in my tubing

so i've had my pump for about two days now.. and the only real problem is airbubbles in my tubing. i had to do an early site change last night because i couldn't gfet the airbubbles out and there were so many of them.. minimed told me to just do a fixed prime whenever there were airbubbles and they would go away... i did this.. and it didn't work after doing it 6 times..

how does anyone here get airbubbles out???

make sure that when you load the cartridge into the pump, all the air bubbles are at the top. then prime the tubing, which should get all the airbubbles out.

Hi bunucky_jonas_11,

Like the previous poster said I fill the cartridge and make sure that all the bubbles are at the top, however this is where I do things a little differently, before connecting the cartridge to the tubing  I push the bubbles out manual with the plunger,  then connect and  proceed with fixed prime. This has been the best way to deal with bubbles for me. Hope this helps.

i agree with happy vegan ( I do the same plus I tap the side with a pen), but I wanted to add - Its much better when I use room temperature insulin, if you store it in the fridge let it warm up first.