Airline Security

On Fri, William (age 10 dx 5/13/09) and I will be flying from ATL to CA.  He's on MDI, so we'll be carrying syringes and vials with us.  I'm inclined to go straight to the "special needs" security line, declare that my son is insulin-dependent, and have them check us over (the "special needs" security line at ATL is WAAAAAAY shorter than the "general" security line ;)  Aside from recent prescription info, is there any other paperwork I should have on hand going through security?



While I've never needed it, I've always carried a letter from my doc stating the need to carry my supplies with me (andn then a long list of all the stuff I carry including pump supplies). I've always found the TSA quite cooperative andn never had a problem. This stuff is pretty familiar to them. So don't worry. If you can get away with the shorter line though, then go for it.


Since you have the special needs line, you may decide to do that to get through more quickly.  

I always have the best luck with airport security when I say nothing about carrying syringes or other medical supplies.  Every time I've disclosed that information I've had to get a full pat down and had my luggage pulled apart.  If you say nothing, they'll never notice anything unusual in your bag.  I always take my pump off and put it in my carry on.  Have had no problems getting through full body scanners that way.  

For my CGM Dexcom advised me that I could go through the metal detector, but not the body imager.  If selected for the body imager, they said to opt for a pat-down instead.  I am kind of concerned that the pat-down will tug at my sensor.  That could be uncomfortable, and could dislodge the sensor which would be expensive.  Is it possible to get a visual inspection instead of a pat-down?

I am newly diagnosed and will traveling soon also. My question it a big deal if I don't wear a Medical ID? I've been trying for some time now without success to find an affordable bracelet. I will be with traveling with my family.

no, in my opinion it is not a big deal.  since it's voluntary, and you don't need proof to get one, TSA will not care if you have one or not.    I have never been asked, but you might want to ensure you have valid prescriptions for any individual rx only meds.  I sometimes am inclined to put my meds into a unlabeled pill bottle, but this could be a source of trouble.  If the TSA was looking to make an issue or example out of me, they would demand that I have every pill and insulin vial individually labeled with a prescription with my name on it.     cheers good luck.

I got a bracelet on amazon for only $8! It isn't the prettiest, but it gets the job done! =)