I just booked our family vacation for this summer and we will be flying...first time since Mac was diagnosed.  I have looked up the FAA requirements and it sounds as if as long as all her "stuff" has the prescription labels on it, we'll be fine...but I'm still a bit nervous.  Has anyone flown with needles, insulin, etc etc, and if so, how difficult is the screening process, what do I need to do, and so on?  Any advice?  She is not yet on the pump but our trip is not until July, so I am hopeful she will be by then...does that change anything??

Thanks so much, everyone!

WE flew a few weeks after diagnosis last October.  WE went through both Milwaukee and orlando airports and went through as quick as anyone else.  They did not even ask us to open our bags or show any prescription stickers.  I did mention at security that she was carrying insulin/ supplies.  Our md had given us a letter for travel, but we never were asked to show it.  I am not sure if travel outside the USA is stricter.  Also, the underwear bomber happened after we traveled, so I am not sure if things have changed.  Our daughter has since gone on the omnipod pump, and I asked our rep if the new full body scanners would be a problem.  She was not sure but said that I could just explain the pump to the checker, and they could probably just wand her.  Have a great trip.  I know I was nervous the first time.  However, security seemed like they see people with diabetes all the time.  I also checked her blood sugar and gave her an injection from her pen right while flying in our seats, and no one seemed to notice or care.  Do remeber to carry plenty of snacks though as you know how flights can be

Thanks Becky...great thought about the snacks.

We are not travelling internationally so that should not be an issue but we are going from Chicago O'Hare to Washington DC...two very busy I think I am just nervous.  It makes sense that the screeners see diabetics...I forget that just because it is new to ME, it isn't new to the rest of the world.

On a different is the pump? I am really really really hoping to get my daughter on this summer while she and I are both out of school, but that is another thing I am nervous about!

We have flown several times and never have has any issues.  I make sure to get a note from the doctor stating that we need to carry certain supplies but have never been asked to see it.  I have always made sure that the labels were clearly on all the meds in the carry on and I always tell the person at the scanner thingy that you walk thru before I even put it down that we are diabetic and there are needles and other meds in it.  They once questioned our juiceboxes but I  told them they were for instances of low blood sugar and they let us take those on.  If you stay calm and let them peak in the bag you generally will get thru with no questions. On and as far as the pump, my daughter and I both have them and we also wore them hanging on our pockets so they were easily visible and I gave the screener a heads up to those as well. Some people take them off when they go thru but I never have and have never had any issues with my pump. Good luck!

Thanks...we see the doctor tomorrow, so I will ask about notes for flying!  I appreciate the advice...I will try to stay calm all in all, but flying makes me nervous anyway!

Do you go to Madison for the doctor? A girl we have met through YMCA leagues goes up there from our area, and loves it.  Our doctor seems great too but I have heard he may be reticent to get kids going on the pump, so if that is the case, we may look into Madison.

We do go to Madison and we see Dr. Ellen Connor. She is WONDERFUL!!!! I know from other people if you are going to Milwaukee that the Childrens down there is not as willing to give kids a pump.  It took 2 months for Courtney to get a pump and that was simply because she was in the honeymoon stage and some days required hardly any insulin. I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Connor. Her entire office is awesome. For me I love them because they also understand that I have had T1 for 30 years and don't feel the need to check in that often. But when I call with a question they quickly help. good luck and let us know if you decide to switch to Madison. They are great down there and a pump is even better!

Hi Kim,

We have flown many times with Lucas and never have had problem with the diabetes bag.  It always has the needles, glucagon and juice in it.  I just tell the security person and he waves us through.  One thing we almost always run into with the pump though - Lucas attaches it to his backside as he is so thin it is his only meaty place.  So we choose not to unhook him as now he is 7, would be embarrassed.  But since the pump causes the metal detector to alarm they always pull him aside and have him spread the legs and do the wand treatment.  This does not bother Lucas - he thinks it is fun - but if it would bother Mac you may plan to unhook if you have the pump.  Sometimes just prepping him before is enough.  The last advice is just travel related: prepare to run high so have lots of insulin , test strips and pump changes.  For Lucas drinking lots of water helps - bring an empty water bottle to fill up in case the lines are too long on the other side of security.  Also, when we go to the beach our pump inevitably brakes - probably from a preexisting microscopic crack and all the sea, sand, pool, sun  abuse is too much.  Anyway, most pump people will give you a spare for the trip.

Have fun!!!!

Thanks...the empty water bottle is a terrific idea I would not have thought of.  I will warn Mac that they might wand her.....I'm not sure she will mind. She just got her pump on Tuesday so we are still adjusting!  She has plenty of little tummy so unhooking her would not be an issue but she still might not like it!  When you do unhook, it cannot go through xray, correct???

Interesting about the beach...this summer we are not heading there (unfortunately!!) but that is a favorite spot.  I will remember that for the next time we go!!

They say it's fine to go through the xray.  She could just take it off with her shoes - or leave it on and get wanded.  The security people have never told us what to do just went with our lead.

How is the pump going?  Lucas went on it just a few months after dx and it was a rough few weeks until we got him adjusted.  I think for him he was still in honeymoon - sometimes making insulin , sometimes not - it may have been a rough few weeks if we were still on shots too!  We love the pump so much now though.  Much easier for all of us and gives him more freedom and better control.  Take care.

I think the pump is going well...6 days in, at least.  Her nights have been fantastic--a huge relief--yesterday we had a big high and a low low for the first time in a while...but it may have been counting wrong at the Mother's Day lunch, then exercise....I'm not sure.   I had a momentary panic but one high and one low probably aren't reason to to worry, right??  Overall, I think it will be a huge blessing.


thanks for all the to you and Lucas!!

We have flown with our son a couple times since diagnosis (he is 5yrs old, diagnosed a year and a half ago-on Animas PIng)  We just got back from a trip to Mexico.  We didn't really have any problems with security.  I had a doctor's note that also included the need for snacks and treatment for lows.  We were questioned about the juice boxes and I explained they were for lows...they just took them and ran them through the special scanner thing.  On the flight out, we took off my son's pump and put it with all his supplies through the probs!  Then on our way home, we had been at the beach and pool all day so had his site covered with a huge waterproof bandage so couldn't easily disconnect....he had to step into the little booth thing and wait to be manually searched.  My husband was allowed to wait with him but it was still a little scary for him (and time consuming)  so I definitely recommend disconnecting if possible.  If you are given any problems about snacks/drinks you bring with you, let them see the doctors note and explain how important having food you know your child will eat and know the carb count for is (had to really explain this leaving Mexico cuz you aren't supposed to bring food back...just had to go through extra screening at customs though)