Airport X-ray

I haven't flown before with my Dexcom CGM.  Has anyone else, before?  I'm wondering if it's easier for me to "shut down" the receiver before it goes through x-ray, and then turn it back on.  Maybe that's not necessary?  Anyone?  :)

To answer my own question, I did end up shutting it down for the x-ray, as well as for take-off and landing.  I called Dexcom before I went through security, and that's what they recommended to do.  "Treat it like a cell phone", they told me.

I also blogged about my travel experience, if anyone is interested:

I've flown twice not w/ my pump.  Orlando, already a busy airport, one hour ahead of my flight time wasn't enough.  Didn't miss any flights, but was more rushed than I like.  My plans next time will be to get there 1.5 hours before flight.  Orlando's security is really, really, really, slow. 

I removed the metal clip from my pump, in hopes the metal detector wouldn't go off but it did.  Next stop was the "holding pen" waiting until someone could "pat" me down.  Which took about 10 minutes before anyone was available.  Good luck to anyone flying out of  Orlando International (aka OIA).

This group is a good idea!