Alarm volume?

Hey guys! I was wondering if

1. Any of you DON'T wake up to your pump alarm at night?

2. How do you wake up or what do you do to wake up to it?

Thanks! My mom said I can't get the basement bedroom unless i can mabye wake up to my alarm and treat it. We'll see!

Thanks again!!!!!!!


It sounds like your pump includes the CGM, and the primary issue is waking up to low or high warnings?

With my CGM (a Dexcom), I keep it near my head where it'll sound very clearly.  Sometimes even just the vibrating will wake me up that way, though other times I won't wake until the actual beeping.

My pump usually take a while to wake me up.  One cool feature on an Animas Ping is if you don't respond to an alarm, it'll cycle through ALL of the sounds it can use for an alarm.  So if one particular "ring" doesn't wake me, it'll keep trying others until it finds one that's obnoxious enough to get me to wake up.  :)  See if your pump/CGM has a feature at all like that, or if it just has different alarm options so you can choose the loudest and most obnoxious.

Thank you! I have a Medtronic CGM and pump and it does have th obnoxious and loud cycle. I guess either I'm a really heavy sleeper or I forget to put it by my ear or on the loud setting ( i dont like it beeping at school). I am DEFINATELY trying that way tonight (that is if i beep at all). Thank you soo much! If anyone has any other products or methods I can try please comment!! I feel desperate! haha :)