Albuterol effect on blood sugar

Does anyone have any experience with albuterol and/or antibiotics increasing blood sugar? Gavi has asthma (when it flares up he has a bad cough for weeks), and I brought him to the doctor today because he's been coughing for a while and his teacher told me he was coughing A LOT at school today. He has mild bronchitis so he's on Zithromax and albuterol in a nebulizer twice a day. Thankfully it's been a while since he needed the nebulizer (not since August 2010), but I remember his blood sugar being really high when he was on it. Now I know it could've been the cough/cold he has that could've raised his blood sugar, but back then I didn't realize it. If his numbers go too high his endo. already said we would need to increase his insulin.