Alcohol and Diabetes

I know there was a thread regarding the topic of one girl's struggle with peer pressure and party that I responded to but this is strictly about how alcohol affects your diabetes.  I'm interested in if there's any particular drinks that you enjoy or stay away from.  Sure, super sugar mixed drinks are bad but if you have any good low carb drink recipes feel free to post.  

In another thread I posted how to make a good mojito with just Bacardi Limon and diet Sierra Mist basically.

Also how does beer affect you?  What types of beers to you stick to?  My favorite beer of all time is Newcastle but it's loaded with carbs, so it's a special occasion beer for me :D Michelob Ultra is probably my favorite social drinking beer.  You can't beat 2.6g of carbs.  Just have to be careful not to drop.

Please post thoughts, ideas, or experiences related to how alcohol affects you.

I don't really do the mixed drinks so I have no help there.  As for beer it is either Heineken or Natty Light (don't judge).  It doesn't really do too much to me that often.  It has dropped me a few times but nine times out of ten I stay within the normal range.  Going to be honest I never consider carbs when drinking.

I love drinking beer and trying new brews. Dark bitter beers so far are the easiest to drink. No fast spikes and the alcohol kicks in and my sugar plateaus just right. Almost no insulin needed.

To figure out how much insulin I need I experiment with beer. I have only one, make sure my sugar is good, sit back, watch a movie and check my sugar ever hour for the duration of the movie. Next time I drink it I know how much insulin I need, when to eat, and can have a good social time.

For many beers I don't require any insulin. Except 1. Amber Lagers. Holy Moly. I am talking sugars upward of 400. Worst feeling in the world. drunk + highBG + nausea + confusion. Yuck, didn't get to enjoy that movie.

As for harder stuff. Nothing is better then Gin and Diet Sprite or Rum and Diet Coke. I just don't have beer with it, it makes things weird!

I don't really pay attention to the carbs, I drink what I feel like drinking and deal with my blood sugar as I go. I start off with a good level, take an extra few units before I start drinking beer and go from there. I'm not usually chasing my levels..but if I go high, I'll correct it + an extra few units and wait for it to go down before continuing.

My fav drinks though are Strongbow, Gin w/ OJ, Tequila shots and for beer I usually drink either Kokanee, Heinekin or 1516...tho they are starting to make me feel sick lately and my fav beer is Blue Buck so I try to get that most often.

The day after drinking is usually my best for blood sugars..rarely will I go over 8 even if I don't take a shot for a snack or something. don't get it but whatever!

I love bacardi rum and diet coke that is my drink of choice when I go out. when  I am at home I drink wine, Arbor mist most of the time.  When I drink I just test my sugar almost every 30 minutes and try not to get so drunk that I don't know whats going on because that is just not good for anyone. but especially us because if we pass out who knows where our blood sugars will be when we wake up or if we wake up. but anyways hope this helps........and raise your glass CHEERS.