Alcohol comsupmtion

i know that we are not suppose to drink any alcohol..but is it really that dangerous to have just one beer after dinner?  im not wanting to go out and get drunk, but it would be nice to be able to sit down and relax for a bit with a nice cold one since i have been under so much stress from finding out im diabetic, quitting smoking and not drinking since diagnosis.

just wondering.

you can still drink when you're diabetic, it's just not as easy as it is for a non-diabetic. you have to be more aware of carbs in the drinks you've having, the effects of different types of alcohol on your sugars, and the "morning after" effect.

Depending on the type of beer you are having, you have to take a shot for the amount of carbs in the drink (I think the CalorieKing online site can give you that info if you type in what kind of beer it is). I find that beer usually effects me the least, but everyone is different.

Hard alcohol is tricky, the actual alcohol makes your blood sugar drop usually while you're sleeping so you wake up low, but your blood sugar will go high before hand, if you mix it with regular pop or juice.After drinking for almost 10years, I still find hard alcohol and shots are hard to predict.

One thing I've learned is that it's really important to test, take your nightly shot as you normally would and be around people who know you're diabetic, so if something happens they know to call 911 and not just let you "sleep it off".

Because you're new to diabetes and you're not yet on carb ratios I would suggest talking to your endo about what to do when you want to have a beer after dinner. It's not advised to drink while Diabetic, or smoke, but you can still do just have to be careful and working out a plan with your doctor is important. I took the trial and error route, as I was 14 when I started drinking, but I have been diabetic since I was 6, so I felt at the time I knew I could handle it.

No.  In fact, one drink a night is optimal for women.  I have two most nights myself.  The reason there are warnings on insulin bottles is because alcohol can sometimes interfere with insulin and cause people to go either high or low depending on the carb amounts in the beer and how much they have with or without food.  From experience, though, I can tell you that one beer will have very little impact on your BGs.  Most people have more than that so the warnings serve to keep people from overdoing it regularly.

It is perfectly fine to have a beer.....I usually try to stick to something a low carb choice.  Just check yourself to see how your body accepts it.  My blood sugar usually goes a little higher, but everyone is different.  So, go ahead an enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

The advice you've already gotten above is great.  I have found that wine lowers my blood sugar over a period of 4 - 6 hours after I first consume it.  Every situation will be different (food in your stomach, BG level to start with, how much you drink, how slow/fast you drink, etc.), so the key is really to just test, test, test, and write everything down so you can start to see a pattern and plan for it..  I'm not a beer drinker, so I can't lend any knowledge to that situation in particular.

ik this is wierd 4 me 2 be answering cuz of my age but at a resteraunt they have a big sign tht says low carb beer like 3 grams but idk how the sugar is

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ik this is wierd 4 me 2 be answering cuz of my age but at a resteraunt they have a big sign tht says low carb beer like 3 grams but idk how the sugar is


It's not just the carbs that screw with you. Alcohol is a poison (to your body), and when you drink it, your liver is working overtime to try and rid your body of the 'poison' so some people report going really low with their glucoses and others report that they spike. It depends what you're drinking and how much you are having.

Our insulin vials do say "not to be taken alcohol," but if not for alcohol, how would a big white guy like myself dance?

Too funny, Pat!  Liquid courage!  LOL

I generally drink beer, the regular, not light, stuff (and am developing the belly to prove it, unfortunately!).  If I only have one or two, I don't have to worry about my BGs.  I don't bolus at all for that amount.  However, if I drink any more than that, I do tend to drop drastically later (as in, up to 6 hours later) and have to treat.  Of course, that's always the point at which I say:  "Why did I do this to myself?!?"  Also, to add to Pat's dancing theory, you have to remember that dancing can be a pretty intense form of exercise and therefore cause BGs to drop further.  

Try drinking your beer in a glass full of ice with a lime if one strait is too much for you

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Try drinking your beer in a glass full of ice with a lime if one strait is too much for you


Watered down beer with lime? If I want beer that tastes like water, I'll have a Coors Light, if I want beer that tastes like water with lime, I'll have a Bud Light Lime.