In honor of the 4th of July, I figure we could share out worst and/or best times with alcohol as a diabetic. If you feel inclined, you can include tips that help you safely consume alcohol.  Be safe this weekend!


Best: Any time I have a cold beverage and there's water to swim in.


Worst: The day after my 21st birthday I couldn't get my blood sugar over 60 until after 5pm.  Eventually I realized I needed to do something proactive about it and filled a camelback with gatorade.  It seemed to work.  I should have been more aware the night before and put some food in my system.

This thread has potential!

Best: Wheat beer in the summer and dark marzens or porters in the colder months...

Worst: When I run out of the above!

i'm alcoholic... i have so many stories i could tell you...

best: amaretto sours. they just taste delicious.

worst: drinking myself into a coma and having to face my family/friends afterwards.