Alice (Ali1978) introducing myself

Hi all!

My name is Alice.  I've been a type 1 for a little over 32 years (wow - I rarely think about that and when I do I marvel at how the years have flown since my diagnosis at the age of 11.)  Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.  I just discovered this whole Juvenation thing tonight and am quite excited about it.  I used to be a very active member of the ADA forums but just drifted away after they redid their site awhile back.  I am considering making some changes to my treatment regimen and am researching some stuff and I got to thinking how much I missed having a bunch of other type 1 folks to bounce questions off of now and then, so I did an internet search to see where the best forums are these days and . . . here I am.

I managed with injections for the first 30 years but started pumping in the last two years with the OmniPod system.  Am currently considering getting a CGM system and am trying to decide if I want to get the DexCom and keep the OmniPod or ditch the OmniPod for a new MiniMed (Revel?) and its integrated CGM.  Am looking forward to reading up here on the experiences folks have had with both.

I also recently, within the last year, went vegetarian, and that has been a bit challenging since it means higher carbohydrate than I used to eat.  My blood sugars have suffered a bit, but I'm thinking, with the help of CGM, I'll be able to stick with it and get my numbers back where I want them.

Anyway - that's pretty much the introduction to me.  Looking forward to getting to know some of you!

Welcome to Juvenation Alice! I hope you find it helpful.

I'm partial to the dexcom cgm, but haven't actually tried the minimed ... just heard negative reviews.

Hello Alice, welcome aboard! The Omnipod and the Dexcom CGM are supposed to combine into a single unit in 2011. It has been scheduled for some time now. Dexcom is also going to combine with the Animas pump too. I have tried both CGMs and much prefer the Dexcom. I would keep the Omnipod until the two systems are united as a single unit, then you would have the pump that you are now using and the Dexcom too. You could also order the Dexcom as a separate unit and start using it now, but that would require you to wear two separate devices.

If I have confused you, let me know and I will explain further.


Glad to have you here, Alice! I hope you find everything you're looking for (I know I have!)

I <3 my Dexcom :D

Welcome, Alice, from another Dexcom-lover.  :)  You'll find fans of both systems on here, and I believe if you go to "Groups" and select "CGM", you can do a search to find older threads with comments on both systems. 

Thanks for the warm welcome to the group everyone, and for the tips on finding out more about CGM systems!