All the sudden Novolog peaking later

Hey guys.  So I have been using Novolog for two months, and always check my post meal readings after 2 hrs.  For the past two days though, after breakfast I check in two hours and I am really 110-120.  Then, within 30 minutes more I am down to like the 40's.  This wasn't happening until all of the sudden.  Before when I got good readings like that, I slowly came down to like 70's about 4-5 hours later.  Now I am going low in 2.5 hours, and fast too!


Any ideas about this?


P.S.  I'm home all day today waiting for my One Touch Ping to be delivered!!

I take it you are counting carbs with what you are eating. The peaking of the Novolog could be coming from the fact that either the cereal you are eating or the milk you are drinking with it, is not being counted properly or over counted. I know there are a few people out there who have run into problems with cereals before. Have you changed anything that could be causing the problems? Your long lasting insulin? Excercise routine? Cereal? Breakfast routine? Shot Schedule? Any of those could have an affect on your numbers.

I see from another post that you are wondering about your honeymoon - I know for my son (dx 5 mos ago) that we really struggle with morning lows. He can be perfect at 9 am and then in the 50s at 11. If we don't give him any insulin for breakfast he will be really high (200-350). So he has to have a mid morning snack to help account for a later peak of his Novolog.

You also might need to use a different carb to insulin ratio for breakfast - see if lowering your Novolog dose for breakfast might help. Good luck -

And good luck wit your Ping - we hope to be there soon too!