Allergic to insulin

I have taken lantus and levemir and 1 unit puts me out cold for 10 hours.  Humalog 75/25 makes me very tired, always feel exhausted and doesn't control my sugar. Humulin makes me have a bladder infection instantly!  Isn't there any regular human insulin out there for people like me?  I don't know whether it is the preservatives or the synthetic insulin itself.  Just know that I cannot take it and NEED it.  Help please.

Hi jadylady,

Have you spoken to your doctor about these reactions? 

The 75/25 mix is usually intended for type 2 patients who are on insulin, from what I've been told.  I'm surprised that was prescribed to you.

As far as I know, all modern insulin has those preservatives.  There are others here on Juvenation who have allergic reactions to insulin; I hope they'll chime in soon with some ideas for you.


Hey! I've had a localized allergy to insulin for decades. Your symtoms aren't anything I've heard associated with an insulin allergy, so I'd check with the endo to make sure it's not something else. (Obviously I'm not a dr, so they'd know more about possible allergy symptoms!) Has a dr. tested you on the additives alone to see if you're allergic (ordered form the company...)? Are you sure you're not fatigued and getting infections due to difficulty w/ BG control?

From my experience, endos have more experience w/ insulin allergies than actual allergists, although the endo will probably refer you to an allergist if s/he thinks that's the problem to get extra help.

Send me a message if you have questions!! I'm sorry you're having these problems.

I've also not heard of these symptoms related to insulin allergy.  But what you're describing (tiredness and bladder infection) can be caused by high blood sugars. 

Levemir and Lantus are both long acting insulin, so it's not going to work well to regulate your blood sugars.  Most people who take shots use a long acting insulin and then also take short acting insulin (Humolog, Novolog, Humulin) to cover meals.  Once your insulin doses are fine tuned it will bring your blood sugar down and the bad things you're experiencing should diminish.