Allergic to MINIMED CGMS but not the sites?

I have allergies to latex and adhesives, but the paradigm silhoutte i am not allergic to. I wanted to get the CGMS so bad because of so many lows at night. My doctor and I talked it through with minimed and it is the same adhesive so they said i would be fine.

I got to wear my CGMS for a week because i am allergic to the chemical in the catheter that mixes with your fluid to test the sugar.

I was wondering if anyone else has had allergies to the minimed CGMS?


I have a lot of skin allergies and washing my hands at work leaves me in position similar to washing my hands in acid.  I usually have a delicate layer of skin back by the end of the weekend...  Anything with a scent seems t' just kill me.  That said, have you tried the Dexcom 7?  The Navigator adhesive gives a lot of folks fits (though they do offer a money back guarantee) but the Dex seems to be pretty friendly...  They'll likely let you do a one week trial!  I understand it’ll suck having a separate receiver…

Good luck and please let us know what you find/choose.  The other option (only if it is the adhesive and not the sensor itself) is to use Bards or something like it between your skin and their adhesive...




Did you get insurance t’ cover the CGM???


Thanks for the support of someone else being allergic to so much. I work at a vet’s office being a tech and I have to watch what shots i give animals, even though i just draw them from the vial and inject them they still give me reactions.

As for Bards or anything like that I am allergic to those as well as like tegaderm, and especially IV prep.

My doctor and i have just decided to wait a year or so and see what new CGMS come out.

Yes my insurance did cover it. Although to get them to cover it i had to send 2 weeks of blood results, with checking 12 times daily. I knew it would be worth it until i was allergic, he he.

We will see what happens!