Allergies and blood sugar

Okay- so I’ve had diabetes forever but have only worn a cgm for the past few months so I feel like I’ve learned a ton about my body and how it handles certain situations. One thing I’m curious about is how other type 1s blood sugars respond to seasonal allergies. I feel like they make me a little insulin resistant- definitely not as much as actually being ill, but it’s been hard to get myself outside the 130-150 range. Pollen is blossoming on trees hard where I live and this is something I’ve pieced together. I’ve suffered allergies forever and have always noticed this. Has anyone else noticed that allergies mess with their numbers a bit?

If it’s outside and green chances are I’m allergic to it - truly. As a child I took OTC allergy pills which worked okay. BG meters and CGMS didn’t come out until I finished college so don’t know if the allergies or meds had an effect early on, but I didn’t notice anything after I started using them in my 20s. One thing I would suggest: when I was a child my pediatrician suggested allergy shots - ultimately they should nip those allergens in the bud. I had no problem with needles but didn’t want to commit the time to going since pills worked well enough. A couple of summers ago I was diagnosed with cough variant asthma which developed out of those long term allergies. For years I sneezed and had watery eyes - and that was it; this new allergy type caused a very messy projectile cough which made me afraid to go outside. I’m now getting allergy shots which are helping incredibly - I suggest you get tested and treated - as with most things it remains to be seen how the shots will affect you - I haven’t noticed anything in my case and they may be very beneficial in the long run.

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Hi Taylor @Tee25 , you appear to be using your new CGM as it is intended to be used - you are observing how many factors of life affect your BGL.

Pollen can affect BGL simply because it causes an adverse reaction in your body - what is called allergy. The pollen allergy will make you uncomfortable and could cause either an increase or decrease in your BGL; medicines to help you feel more comfortable , such as antihistamine, will almost always cause BG to rise. If you want to prevent, or at least minimize, the BGL rise, you could carefully increase the amount of insulin you use. The key word here is “carefully”; stay observant.

Hi Taylor,

I am having the same issue. My blood sugar definitely has been higher overall since the trees have started blossoming!


Some days all I need to do is get close to certain green shrubs, plants & trees then I end up feeling itchy. Other days I can pull weeds without a problem. I haven’t tracked this. Now bc of vitiligo I wear short sleeved shirts + sleeves designed for athletes. Protects arms from green stuff as well as sun.

I have has type 1 for 50 years and yes allergies can effect blood sugars. Allergens set off an immune response that trigger chemical release in the body that impacts sugar response. It’s like fight or flight. Stress hormones trigger the release of glucose from the liver which raise sugar levels. I’m getting allergy shots now due to the intensity of tree pollen this year.

It might be the type of pollen in the air.
In my case, sorry of crayons (I think🤔) pretty much anything green sets me off - or did until I started the shots. Things are much better now.