Allergies Anyone?

Okay so I just recently had to start allergy injections AGAIN!  I know like I am not already sticking myself enough, but anyway.  I have a question for anyone out there.  Is there anyone else on allergy shots & T1?  I have noticed (and will begin documenting it) that my blood sugar drops after I get my allergy injections.  I called my endo and he said that he doesn't know of any research/info about this but that doesn't mean it isn't happening because everyone is so different and well there isn't that much research being done on T1.  (money talks).  So ... just wanted to see if anyone else has this problem.  Any and ALL thoughts will be helpful!

I've never gotten allergy shots, but I'd be interested to hear other people's experiences. I have SO MANY allergies, I assume due to the autoimmune illness, but I've been getting by on antihistamines and eye drops.

I get allergy shots, I have since the age of 16 (14 yrs.). I haven't ever had any trouble going low after my injection. Sorry to hear of your trouble.