Allergy to infusion sets?

Today I went to change my site and i noticed my site itching (more than ususal). Turns out I have a rash and hives where my infusion set tape was. Grrr! Why am i now starting to react to the tape after 6-7 years of using the sites? I can't figure it out! Has anybody else had anythign like this happen?

Make sure to use skin prep pads when you put in a new infusion set.

You may just be getting hives for some other reason (it can be impossible to figure out what causes them) and they are appearing first at the infusion site, where your skin is warmest and covered. Kind of like how hives or other rashes often start on the stomach, where skin is warm.  

i use the spray skin prep, so i doubt that is causing it. plus my site was in  my arm, so i dont know why it would happen there. lately i have breaking out with a rash on my upper arms and abdomen when i use my body wash so i think that could be the cause of it, or at least i am hoping thats it. if its my skin prep or sites im allergic to i am screwed!

i had broken out with hives once before but it was because water had gotten under the site and cause my skin to be irritated