Has anyone used allulose? Did it show any effect on your blood sugars. I dont see much research on it

Hi @stixxs512 I don’t use sweeteners, but the word is that this allulose is chemically similar to fructose (sugar from common fruit) but doesn’t absorb into the bloodstream. Splenda markets it. I have nothing else. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

I’ve had a couple of commercial products with allulose in them. However there were enough other ingredients that the rise I had from those could be any or a combo of them.

I will add that my blood sugar didn’t skyrocket up, but it did rise more than I thought it would.

Hi - I use allulose all the time for baking and cooking for my T1D son. I doesn’t raise his blood sugar and is the only sugar substitute who’s taste I don’t hate. It’s a bit less sweet than sugar (70%) so I put more of it. But it works wonder for him and his BG.
Still waiting for a study to come and tell me that it’s bad for other things, because otherwise, I think it’s perfect.
I never put it in coffee, though. My MIL did and she said that the taste was bad.

I found about it and started using it a few months ago. It’s expensive and I wanted here because I didn’t want other sweeteners. Like erythritol. I found one with monk fruit which I’m okay with and a l l u l o s e. I’m disturbed that it’s not accepted in the EU and I don’t normally try things that don’t have a long history. I’m even upset about the Pfizer vaccine but I got it anyway yesterday cuz you no pros and cons in the last thing I need is an emergency in a medical setting where they’re not even double masking or keeping up with new CDC guidelines that surgical masks single are very dangerous. Anyway I digress. I decided to use a l l u l o s e and i glucose test sparingly because of insurance and I don’t have a CGM because my body rejects it. So I don’t notice a difference but I’m also not reliable for these reasons. I like the taste and it mixes okay with monk fruit which I use sparingly to give me the sweetness. I and laying our sugar-free baked goods and only home make so I know it’s going into it. I’ve used monk fruit in fact for biscotti and it turned out okay. Sucralose is supposed to be very bad so I avoid any thing that has that and I think one of the allulose brands does have it. I’m voice dictating and I’m not going to clean this up sorry for the wandering but I hope it helps. Anecdotally it seemed to be okay and I just hope it’s not dangerous and other ways we always find out about years later. Even higher risk of diet drinks. It’s pretty crazy that diabetics would have been targeted for that crap as if type one isn’t bad enough we need to him there at the whole bunch of other medical risks because corporations didn’t test enough and the government didn’t care. So for what it’s worth that’s the norm. I might start to quit Al youlose the more I think about it. If dried monk fruit is pure it’s cloying but if you don’t use too much it works okay

I have tried it in chocolate bars and cookies, and it did not seem to raise my blood sugar. It may make me gassy ( :face_with_hand_over_mouth) - need to test that again… I also like monk fruit.