Almost a month

My baby girl, always proving her independence with a smile…now just diagnosed with T1D about a month ago, it seems to wearing her thin. We’ve all been going with flow of dealing with testing, sticking and counting but last night it finally sunk in that it’s not going away.
I knew by the tone of her voice she was depressed, the curve in her brow… the shoulders in a slump. As I lay with her after the night time shot, she broke down… “mom I just want it to be over” sobbing in my arms. My bruised heart broke for her.
I wish I could take it away, that I could absorb her pain and diagnosis and make it mine.
It shatters me to see my glowing daughter feeling so low.

@Rachelisbelieving I am on an airplane so sorry to be short. You are an awesome mom. This too shall pass.

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Anyone with T1D or has a loved one with it can relate with this. Both of you are gaining a strength that most people will never have to deal with, and it can be so hard. It will become easier and more normal with time. Saying that though, there will be times that you are exhausted and you don’t want to deal with it anymore, just push through. I have been a diabetic for nine years and it hit me other day that will have to keep taking meds and watching what I eat, that brought me down.
Look on the bright side as much as possible. She is getting the help she needs and she has a support system, those are invaluable.


@R2who82 Robyn, we are 5 months in with our 14 year old daughter, bright, spirited and strong. It is heart wrenching and your post really describes those moments so well. Hug her tight and honor both of your feelings. Her glow will return, and resilience will continue to build…and yours, too!

Welcome Robyn @R2who82 to our Forum at TypeOneNation. You and your baby girl [how old?] are welcome here to share your concerns and to seek support - many here can relate to what you are experiencing. For one, I can’t count the number of times during the past 60+ years that I wished my diabetes would just go away.

None of our children or grandchildren have T1D but I can relate to what you are experiencing and your worries. I can vividly remember sitting next to our granddaughter’s “warming tray” in the NICU, a 22 week premi born without an immune system, watching her and attempt to breath and occasionally having to lift the saran-wrap covering so I could giggle her until she again breath on her own. A few years later I learned how to give her antibiotics by IV four times every day so she could undergo surgery - her mother, our daughter worked 24 hour emergency medicine.

Robyn, you will survive the ordeal of guiding your daughter and you will have many worries, sleepless nights and your baby will do just fine with your positive guidance. Let your daughter feel and know your love and concern but try not to let her feel too much of your worry.

[Fast forward 22 years from my above saga: our granddaughter just left a professional dance company - she is a point ballerina - to return home to finish her college degree, the courses she must take in-person rather than on-line.]