Almost been a year

So i got diagnosed last October, so its almost been a year now but I still feel like it was just yesterday. For the most part Ihave it under control and my A1cs have all been under 7 which is great but I can’t help but have days where I just want to give up. I just turned 21 and I feel as if I’m now alienated from the world because the only other person I know with T1D is my uncle in a whole other state. What is it about diabetes thats just makes a person feel unrelatable to everyone else? I guess I really just wish I had more people to talk about it with because everyone else just smiles and nods when I talk about it and I feel as if none of my close family or friends can truely help me. I’ve kinda been hesitant to post on here but i figured why not.

I am so sorry to hear of your diagnosis. My daughter is only 4 and newly diagnosed. While I am sure she isn’t in the age group you were hoping for, we do understand what you are saying. People do not understand diabetes unless they live it. It’s hard to explain what it is like to become one of the body’s organs, essentially.
You are doing a fantastic job with that a1c!! Don’t give up. Have you tried Facebook groups? Other social media?

hi @emilyannwilliams94,

okay so we have something that’s kind of rare so it makes sense you might not know a lot of people dealing with T1. probably the most people you’ll ever “meet” are right here. you made the year - congrats! the first year just stinks, the next couple years can stink too but at least you got the hang of it.

I can’t say you’ll ever feel great about T1, I had issues with depression for a long time after being diagnosed. What I can tell you is that after I made peace with the idea of having diabetes, then it just faded into the background and it was out of the way of all the other things that life wanted to show me. Hope you are okay… I am glad you posted. =)

Hi Emily,
I can relate to not knowing anyone with T1D and that not even close family understands your condition or can relate to you. You made a good move being bold enough to post your feelings and concerns here - you have just discovered people with whom you may relate and who can relate to you. Internet stuff isn’t perfect but at least this site is a place where you can freely talk about T1D with people who may understand. When I was your age, I had to remain silent about diabetes and keep it a secret - in 1960 I was dismissed from a position when I entered on my new employee insurance application that I had diabetes - all legal then; now thankfully since August 23, 1993 we have protections under The ADA.

Congratulations on your AWESOME HB A1c!!! May I suggest, and it may be necessary first for you to look into yourself, that you live life to the extent that you want to live [reasonably] and not let diabetes hold you back from any activity. Of course if you find an activity doesn’t agree with your body ease back. Let yourself fly free and while doing so eat properly, check blood frequently - eventually you will know your limitations.

You may need to educate those around you about diabetes, and when you do, be positive and don’t emphasize the “I can’t”. Talk freely here; I’ll see if I can find for you a sheet I had about talking with friends about diabetes and de-bunking of some myths.

Hi Emily!
Let me start by saying that I totally understand that you feel alone. I am the only T1 in my family. While they try to understand sometimes all you want is to talk to somebody that really just “gets it”. You most definitely aren’t alone! Can I ask if you are on injections or an insulin pump? There are groups on FB for both! I would be happy to help connect you with them. I also am lucky to be part of a program that has young adults such as yourself that you may find helpful to talk to. I would be happy to talk with you anytime as well (I’m not that much older). It sounds like you are doing an amazing job of taking control of your diabetes, your A1C is amazing, job well done!!!
I’ll leave my email here, you can email me anytime you like if you want, I’m usually pretty quick to return them. I’ll be happy to help you in any way that I can! ~ Brandi

Emily, I have been T1 for 69 years and I am very healthy. Take good care of yourself and you can have a long, healthy, happy life!!