Alpha lipoic acid

Hello everyone,

I have started taking ALA supplement for one week now and I have seen my blood sugars reducing after meals in reality.

I am so surprised but anxious at the same time.

Will this continue? And is it harmful?

I have many questions regarding ALA and have not found answers to them.
How does alpha lipoic acid reduce blood sugars?
I reduced my insulin doses, for dinner yesterday I barely took 2 units for 45 g of carbs, i normally take 4 units.
So will I develop DKA seeing that I reduce my insulin by half the amount but even though I see results like 150-180?
Also, what is the duration of action of alpha lipoic acid?
Is it really 30 min as some internet articles say?
I take it twice a day, one 300 mg two hours after breakfast and 300 mg one hour before lunch. Not with food. But I see the effect extend to the dinner time and is more noticeable there.
Taking it this way has eliminated the need of insulin correction doses after foods.

Is anyone here on alpha lipoic acid?

I’ve taken ALA for the last 15 years or so. I started with 100mg/day and have worked up to 400mg/day. I never saw a difference in my BG, that’s interesting. I started taking it because it was touted as a powerful antioxidant that helps with circulation and neuropathy relief. My understanding is that with severe neuropathy, megadoses of ALA administered via IV can be helpful as well.

Hello Angivan,
Did taking ALA for 15 years affect your thyroid function?